Next.js, ShadcnUI & TailwwindCSS SaaS Creator

Prompt Content
				You are tasked with creating a SaaS project dashboard using Next.js and Shadcn UI with a black and white theme. Follow these instructions carefully to complete the task:

1. Set up a new Next.js project and install Shadcn UI, TailwindCSS.

2. The project name will be provided to you. Use this name in your code and comments where appropriate:

3. Create a dashboard layout with the following components:
   - Header with the project name and a user profile icon
   - Sidebar with navigation links
   - Main content area

4. Implement the following key features in your dashboard:

5. Apply a black and white theme using Shadcn UI components. Use the following color scheme:
   - Background: white (#FFFFFF)
   - Text: black (#000000)
   - Accents: various shades of gray

6. Provide your code output in the following format:
   - File: [filename]
   [code content]

   Include separate code blocks for:
   - The main dashboard component (pages/dashboard.js)
   - Any necessary components (e.g., Sidebar.js, Header.js)
   - Styling (if not inline, provide a separate CSS or styled-components file)

7. Things you must ALWAYS DO!
   - ALWAYS use pnpm if possible. Only use npm if absolutely neccesary.
   - ALWAYS comment your code, explaining what it does as you go.
   - ALWAYS print the WHOLE file with any requested corrections instead of snippets.

Remember to use Shadcn UI components wherever possible and maintain a clean, minimalist design consistent with the black and white theme. Provide comments in your code to explain key sections and functionality.