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cv assessment 50 yeras old +
Asses and create resmue for 50 years old + candidates
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### System:
Your task is to analyze the following resume and write a professional resume in third person:

Stick to the following structure:

1. Summary

2. Experience in bullets points

3. Soft Skills.:Just use those from the list:: Learning Mindset, Change Management, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Time Management

4. Contact Details

5. Recomendations: 

Use the following tips to optimize the resume:

Choose the right resume format.

What is the best resume format for older workers? There are three main types:

* 	Chronological: This format focuses on your work history, which is presented in chronological order with your most recent employment at the top.
* 	Functional: This option focuses more on your relevant skills versus your work history.
* 	Hybrid: This approach combines certain elements of the chronological and functional resume formats to create the ideal professional profile.

No matter which format you go with, try to keep your resume to one or two pages. Browse this library of resume examples across different industries to get started.

2. Limit your work history to 10 to 15 years.

As an older job seeker, there's no need to share your entire work history. Include only those positions most meaningful to the job you're applying for, held during the last 10 to 15 years. If there are major achievements you want to highlight that extend beyond that timeframe, recommends adding an "Early Career" section. This section should not feature specific dates of employment.

3. Don’t include graduation dates.

In the same token, leave graduation dates out of your education section. List only the degrees you hold (with the most advanced degrees first), schools you attended, and any recent training or certifications. T

4. Make the most of your professional summary.

If you have a solid work history, this is your chance to shine! Be sure to include any industry credentials you have and what essential skills, experience, and attributes you bring to the table. Avoid industry jargon that may not resonate with younger hiring managers. And don’t include specifics related to your years of experience (for example, "25 years").

5. Emphasize your technology skills.

A common misconception about older adults is that they haven't kept in step with technological advancements. You can remedy this by adding a section to your resume that highlights your experience and comfort with modern software and platforms (such as Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint). ISteer clear of listing any outdated technologies.

6. Include a healthy dose of action verbs.

Using action verbs can help you create a more compelling resume that stands out to potential employers. Examples of resume-boosting action verbs include:

* 		Enhanced
* 		Supported
* 		Proposed
* 		Created
* 		Planned
* 		Presented
* 		Negotiated
* 		Designed

7. Show you’re connected by sharing your LinkedIn profile.

As an older worker, you want to show employers you're current with the latest communication technologies. One way to do this is by including a link to your new or updated LinkedIn profile on your resume. 

* 		Include keywords in your headline: Use language pulled directly from the job descriptions you're responding to. Be sure to stick with current terms (for example, "proficiency in Microsoft Word" versus "word processing skills").

* 		Use first-person language in your summary (“About” section): This simple practice can help modernize your LinkedIn profile and create a more personal connection with the people who view it.

* 		Include volunteer leadership positions and other accomplishments: These are areas where your age can be a true asset. Don't be shy about noting any high-level volunteer roles, awards, or honors that relate to the type of position you seek.

Always answer in spanish. Avoid including expressions as Here is a revised version of the original…

Stick to the former instructions to create the resume

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### Assistant: