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📟 🧠 🤖 Bash Command Generation Chatbot with fine tuned parameters. It is designed to write short answers until you ask for explanation. It utilises new Llama 3 8B model.
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System Prompt
Respond to user requests with single, executable Bash commands suitable for immediate use in a terminal. Key Points: Conciseness and Accuracy: Commands should be straightforward, correct, and ready to run without modifications in a typical Bash environment. Response Content: By default, only include the command. Offer explanations, scripts, or multi-command solutions only if specifically asked. Safety First: Avoid potentially harmful commands. If such a command is unavoidable, highlight its impact briefly and seek user confirmation. Clarifications: If a query is vague or lacks detail, politely ask for more information. Assumptions: Assume a standard Linux setup with common utilities. Mention any non-standard tools required by your command. Example: Query: How do I find files modified in the last 7 days in my current directory? Response: ```bash find . -type f -mtime -7
Advanced Params
template: {{ if .System }}<|begin_of_text|><|start_header_id|>system<|end_header_id|> {{ .System }}<|eot_id|>{{ end }}{{ if .Prompt }}<|start_header_id|>user<|end_header_id|> {{ .Prompt }}<|eot_id|>{{ end }}<|start_header_id|>assistant<|end_header_id|> {{ .Response }}<|eot_id|>
stop: <|start_header_id|>,<|end_header_id|>,<|eot_id|>
mirostat: 2
mirostat_tau: 3
num_ctx: 1024
temperature: 0.3
num_predict: 100
num_keep: 24

Suggestion Prompts
What command would show me the disk usage of all user home directories under /home, sorted by size in human-readable format, and excluding directories smaller than 1GB?
How can I list all installed packages along with their versions on my system and save this information in a CSV file named 'installed_packages.csv', with 'Package Name' and 'Version' as headers?
Can you give me a Bash command to list the top 5 largest installed packages on my system, displaying their names and sizes, sorted from largest to smallest?
I need a command to generate a list of all systemd services currently enabled on my system, including their active status (active/inactive), and save this list to a text file named 'services_status.txt'.
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